- 2022 -

So 2021 went by. It was an amazing year for us. We launched in Hot Topic, Zumiez and Spencer's. We even signed with Urban, Pac and Tilly's apparently? No idea when, but the idea is surreal to us that we'd be in every store in the mall. Is it selling out if you don't sell out? Not sure how to sum it up better than that. At some point we kinda lost our way and diluted the original image. Is it nostalgic anymore? We felt cut off from the community that built us. Car meets and late night boba runs and sleepless nights. It's going back to that. We're looking inward and cutting anything that doesn't match. 2022 we're going to love and be proud of everything we make and be careful with our partnerships. We're going to draw more cars, build more cars and make more for cars. I'm pushing for more techwear and darkwear always. We're only printing on our own t-shirt blanks starting with the "Forever" line. This is it. Make or break. This year will be the year we get on track and never get off of it again. I mean we went to Agenda and met Draco did that even really happen? We got to travel out of state with the brand once and after that it's in all 50 of them. 

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- 2020 -

Haven't added to this page in a while. With Shinya in full swing and our third year as a brand starting we wanted to reflect on the long road that's brought us here. It feels like this quarantine has been going on forever at this point, but we haven't given up hope. Plans for the Terminal 2 continue to be fleshed out as well as trade shows for next year. So many doors are opening right now and we aren't going to let any of them shut. We're going to end 2020 and start 2021 with the hardest stuff we've ever done.

We're doing a call back to designs that we sold at the Terminal because even though it was only last summer we're already nostalgic for it. To see our friends and meet new brands while networking and seeing how much everyone has expanded their reach. Rather than find our way in to this circle we've made our own. No jealousy, just competition. 

Thank you so much Ethan (x2) and Cry, Yams, Ceci, Stella and all our affiliates and partners we've had to privilege to grow alongside. 

Shinya Apparel

So we had this whole idea to start Shinya one day after not knowing what to do with our degrees in 2017. Kinda lost our way, but we found it. I used to do this dude's physics papers and I turned in a bunch of his art projects with my name on it.

Shinya Apparel

Only had a chance to work on this between our jobs late at night, so that's where the name comes from. It means "late at night." Always got nostalgic about those late Summer nights in high school driving around LA suburbs and going to car meets or skating. It's really just a big combination of a bunch of stuff we like.

Shinya Apparel

This has grown from a small art project to share with our friends to something bigger than we could believe. We're just thankful for everyone who's found us and keeps checking in and supporting. Not like we'd stop doing it though.

Shinya Apparel

Just wanted to let you guys peek behind the curtain a bit.